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Chuck Bartlebaugh has done an enormous amount of hiking and camping in bear country across North America. His quest to learn about bears has led him to the Arctic for polar bears, the coasts of Alaska and British Columbia for brown bears, and into the interior for grizzlies and black bears.

This special section has been prepared to show some of the stunning photographs Chuck has taken while traveling across North America learning about our wildlife treasures. He has spent over 18 years traveling from the desert southwest to the Arctic Ocean, putting over a million miles on his van and often stopping to hike, raft, or fly into remote areas to photograph.

Chuck hopes that you enjoy the pictures in his gallery. If you wish to use one of them for any purpose, please contact him at or call 406-239-2315 first.

Bears at Work & Play

Inappropriate - Too Close

Bear Signs

Bear Signs

Bear Signs

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